The 502 Communications Group
Analyze.  Harmonize.  Utilize.

Does your organization lack a communications strategy?  Do you feel your organization is not communicating with its stakeholders effectively?  Are your customers questioning why they should keep coming back to you, or are you losing your customer base?  Then you need expert advice from The 502 Communications Group.

The 502 Communications Group is the firm global organizations, non-profits, NGOs and governments turn to for top-quality strategic communications services.

Whether you are working for a country seeking to increase tourism, a private enterprise seeking to maximize exposure, or an NGO trying to save the world, The 502 Communications Group can help.  Our diverse group of professionals from distinctive backgrounds can help your organization achieve maximum potential through communications, technology and facilitation.

Our unique approach begins with a high-level review of your firm's strengths and weaknesses, identifying overlooked market opportunities and a comprehensive review of what "they" are saying about you.  The 502 Communications Group then implements a comprehensive, pro-growth strategy for your organization, helping you achieve your strategic communications objectives.

The 502 Communications Group gives you the power to perform.  Let us go to work for you.